Gun Metal Gray is a five piece heavy metal band hailing from Harrisburg, PA. Formed in October 2011, the band was created after its drummer, Johnny O’Connor, contacted guitarist Nick Wright with a proposition that Nick couldn’t refuse.

Having played in other bands in the past, the guys knew what they didn’t want to do: play the same Top-40 cover songs that every other band plays on every weekend in every other bar down the street. They wanted to do something different. They wanted to put on a performance that transcended far beyond what an audience would expect from a “cover band.”

They wanted to bring the arena rock feel to the small stage. They wanted to make every fan feel like he or she had just left a rock concert, rather than just leaving the bar.

And they wanted to play metal.

The groundwork was set, and with the addition of guitarist Brian Miller, bassist Fabian Marroquin, and frontman Dave Damone, Gun Metal Gray kicked down the doors of the pop music establishment and began its journey to show the world that metal – the classic metal that many of their fans grew up listening to – had not died, but rather was alive and well.

The early days of GMG were spent getting their name out, their performances seen, and sculpting the Gun Metal Gray product. Brian departed the band and was replaced with guitarist Christian Koch, already a former bandmate of Nick’s from a previous project. By 2013, Fabian had also departed the band and was replaced with bassist Matt “Milhouse” Miller, completing a formidable lineup that was poised for success.

The year 2013 was transformative for Gun Metal Gray. The band expanded its fan base and worked toward perfecting its performance. At the same time, new things were occurring around every turn. Gun Metal Gray developed a friendship with Alan Beiler and Merlin Miller, stars of the Discovery Channel show Amish Mafia, after they had seen GMG perform live on stage. Later in the year, Merlin personally introduced the band when they opened for their first national act, Slaughter, proving that GMG was indeed ready for the big stage.

Perhaps most significant that year was the debut of the band’s first original song, “G\m/G,” an intense product of the band’s desire to constantly evolve into something better. Footage from the band’s performance of the song at the Slaughter show was later used for their first music video.

While playing the music of metal gods like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden was fun, the guys had tasted the blood of original music and were thirsty for more. They set an ambitious goal of releasing an all-original EP in early 2014 and began to write.

Realizing that their energy was best spent writing music and perfecting their performances, the band began transferring managerial duties to long-time friend and fan Dean Ghoweri, eventually hiring him as their official manager and focusing all of their efforts on giving their fans their best music and best performances.

As 2014 began, it was clear that this would be another big year. Milhouse and the band parted ways amicably, providing for a smooth transition as the band welcomed its new bassist, Myles, completing the current Gun Metal Gray lineup that exists today.

Already, this year has been huge for GMG. Not only have they opened for two more national acts, Stephen Pearcy (lead singer of Ratt) and Kix, but in March the band released its all-original EP, entitled “Salvation.”

“Salvation” is a concept album that defines Gun Metal Gray to the core. Its three songs – Doom, Chains That Bind, and Salvation – will take you on a journey that represents the decayed state of today’s popular “music,” breaking free from that apocalyptic world, and finding enlightenment.

Salvation. Metal.

What’s next for Dave, Nick, Christian, Myles, and Johnny O? Only time will tell. They already have several big shows lined up, sharing the stage with various, well-known national acts, including their first international tour in the UK!! What else are the guys excited about? Getting back into the recording studio and releasing a full-length album. To them, the best way to pay tribute to those who paved the road before them is to pave the next section themselves.

What the guys will tell you and, more importantly, what the fans will tell you, is that it doesn’t matter if Gun Metal Gray is playing for 50 people or 50,000. They put the same amount of blood, sweat, tears, and more blood into every single show they perform. For them, Gun Metal Gray isn’t what they do. It’s who they are.